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So how does this work and why is it free?

Because we think free listing sites have a place in this industry.  We earn revenue from Property Studio, our subscription-based rental booking system designed for individual vacation rental owners, which we hope you’ll consider using to manage your bookings.

There is no obligation to use our management tools. When you sign up to add your listing(s) on BigBridgeTravel.com, you’ll have a free 60 day trial of the inquiry and reservation management features of Property Studio.  When the trial period is over, if you no longer want or need access to the management tools, your account will become a free ‘Listing Only’ account and we’ll continue to send you renters through BigBridgeTravel.com. No tricks. No pressure. We promise.

Of course if you like our management tools after your trial ends, you can continue with a premium subscription, but your listing on BigBridgeTravel.com and use of your listing page will remain free.

Go for it!  Sign-up for a Property Studio account. No credit card required.

OK, Let’s do this!

Our goal is to help you take control of your rental business.

A web page to use as your own

Your listing page is your own and can be used outside of Big Bridge if you don’t have your own website (if not, we can help). Don’t send inquiring renters back to a site that costs you and them more money.

Big Bridge property web page

If you do have your own website, we let you add links back to it from your Big Bridge page.  We only ask that you link back to bigbridge.com to help us spread the word about our tools and services, and to help keep BigBridgeTravel.com free for everyone.



BigBridgeTravel.com is where renters can search and have direct access to you, the owner or manager, without the middle-man.

List on BigBridgeTravel.com for Free